Photo by Dani Arama. Inner Sunset, 2019.


Francesco Stumpo (born in 1991 in Venezuela) is a multidisciplinary designer, artist and photographer.

His artwork explores the abstract sensibility of lines as the primary driver of connections and spaces. In doing so, the work converges architectural and mapping qualities, graphic and simple languages, with a multi-scalar approach at the intersection of monochromatic and sometimes primary vibrant palettes. He’s inspired by city infrastructures, geographies and landscapes, and the space in between people and the built environment, all while representing these experiences across different mediums and environments.

His photographic work focuses on the human scale, daily life and peculiar encounters that converge  interior moments, the built environment and landscape destinations close and far.  

Stumpo is based in San Francisco, CA.


Art-in-Neighborhoods by ArtSpan SF (2019)
100 days of Islands by Island Review  (2018)
A Critical Convergence between Hand and Digital by KooZArch (2017)
Artists Profile by Ballpitmag (2017)


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